Adult Social Work in Newham

Newham is a great place to be a social worker. It’s an incredibly diverse borough with a young and vibrant population. Newham presents exciting challenges and opportunities that can help take your career to the next level.


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Team Manager Message

John Davis

'We should never be saying ‘well that’s the way they are’ or they’re never going to change’ – people are ‘like that’ for a reason, and everyone has the potential to change and improve. Our role, ultimately, is to help the person find the key to doing it.'

John Davis

Social Worker Message

Shamsun Nahar Alam

‘Social work is about staying positive, focussed and resilient in supporting people to create a better life for themselves who could otherwise  lose all hope and aspirations in life.’

Investing in Social Work

We are striving to bring the best people into the profession by actively engaging with social work training to ensure students and trainees are acquiring the right knowledge and skills to do the job.

Newly Qualified Social Workers and the ASYE1