Our Team

We're always striving to be the best we can possibly be and we share the same ambition for the families we work with.


Colin Ansell

Corporate Director of Adults and Health

Prior to this, Colin held various senior leadership roles at Newham Council in corporate services and adult social care, the last being the Director of Commissioning Support since December 2017.

Colin started his permanent career at Newham Council in 2000 as a Customer Services Officer and has worked his way up including becoming CIPFA qualified.

As the Corporate Director of Adults and Health, Colin leads the broad portfolio of adult services, including health and care integration across the borough, adult safeguarding, homelessness prevention and commissioning arrangements to provide safe and timely services to our most vulnerable adults.

Tony Jobling 

Director of Operations 

Tony began his career in health and social care, training to be a Registered Nurse – Learning Disabilities in the 1980’s.  Since that time Tony has held a variety of management positions across NHS, Local Authority and the Voluntary Sector.

He joined Newham in 2004 initially to integrate health and social care services and has since undertaken  a number of senior management roles in Adult Social Care.  Tony has had access to training opportunities and experiences that have helped him to advance and progress his career here in Newham, including mentoring and career development support.

Tony has been the Director of Operations (Adults) since July 2018.  He is committed to ensuring we have a highly skilled workforce that is passionate about supporting Newham residents as individuals and empowering them to be as independent as possible.

Tony Jobling Photo

Tiffany Adonis French

Head of Service Adults Social Care

Tiffany has been working as a Senior Manager in Adult Social Care since 2012.  Tiffany graduated as a Social Worker in 1998 and has always worked in Adult Services.

Tiffany’s current role includes managing the day to day Adult Social Care operational services and working on a project which supports the Adult Social Care redesign, which will ensure that people are at the heart of everything we do.

Beverley Latania

Principal Social worker, Adults Services

Beverley originally came to work in Adults in the CMHT as a Senior Practitioner in 2005 on secondment. Beverley has worked as a Principal Social worker since 2015 and has co-chaired the National Adults Principal Social Worker Network since 2018.

Beverley focusses on encouraging best practice across the service and managing senior practitioners, trainees and students. In her role, the focus is on the social care needs to support the customer in maintaining their wellbeing and independence. When you are dealing with complex cases it is important to keep a focus on the legislative requirements and maintain the balance between social care needs and health needs.

Since joining the borough Beverley has undertaken leadership and management training, completed the Education and Training Award and has also qualified as a Practice Educator.

Beverley Latania

Team Managers

John Davis
Review and Move On Team Manager

John came to work for Newham in 2007 working in Adults with mental health issues and previously worked in substance misuse.

John has developed the Review and Move-On Service over time which has developed into a team of social workers and support workers which John leads. John’s role involves managing a service which supports and facilitates customers moving from residential and supported living placements to independent living in a recovery focussed and person-centred way,

John is also involved in the development of the Newham Rough Sleeper service which works with street homeless agencies to provide rough sleepers who have mental health problems appropriate accommodation and support which they need.

Tireena Dawkins
Access to Adult Social Care Team Manager

Tireena qualified as a social worker in 1993. Tireena originally worked in Health before moving to statutory social work and qualified in order to work in the field as opposed to a residential setting. Tireena has experience of working in Children’s and Young People Services as well as with Adults experiencing mental health issues.

Tireena spent a period of time working as a senior manager and then took up a Team Manager position at the London Borough of Newham. Tireena’s role necessitates leading on providing information and advice to adult customers to facilitate self-resilience, sign posting customers to enablement and supportive services, and to provide assessments in line with the Care Act 2014.

Tireena has undertaken the Approved Mental Health Social Worker training (now Approved Mental Health Professional) CMI Diploma in Management & Leadership and Certificate in Management as well as undertaken in-house leadership and management courses to support her in the role.

Mike O'Donnell
Team Manager, Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Service.

Mike started as a social worker in Newham in 2004 and has since worked in a variety of mental health teams within the borough.

In 2015 Mike was appointed team manager of the newly formed Newham Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) Service. AMHPs work on behalf of Newham local authority to provide a 24 hour service that assess people under the Mental Health Act. To do this, the AMHP service works closely with our health colleagues in the local mental health Trust.

Mike undertook his AMHP training in 2007, and has since also qualified as a Best Interest Assessor in 2015. Mike sits on the board of an AMHP training consortium with 5 other London Boroughs which provide high quality training to enable social workers to become AMHPs.

Tony Pape
Team Manager ASC MASH

Tony graduated as a social worker in 1997 after which Tony worked for several charities. Tony has worked in various capacities within the adult social care directorate. Whilst working for the Safeguarding governance team, Tony was responsible for co-ordinating complex safeguarding enquiries across both health and social care settings.

Tony has accessed numerous training opportunities within the council including: Learning Disability Mortality Reviewer Training, Management Training and Train the Trainer Training in relation to Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking, whilst also acting as Newham’s Single Point of Contact for Modern Slavery and developing and delivering awareness raising training for both Modern Slavery and Safeguarding to council staff and partner organisations.

Tony now manages the adult social care input to Newham’s Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, MASH, with a focus on risk prevention through effective partnership working.

Senior Practitioners

David Ager
Senior Practitioner, Adults Supporting Care Team, Safeguarding Adults Cluster

David qualified as a social worker in 2009. David’s first role in adult social care was as a care co-ordinator in mental health.

David has been working in safeguarding since 2018 in the adult’s team, a cluster team within supporting care (Adults). In July 2019 he was promoted to senior practitioner.

His role includes screening all concerns that come in to the team, and he ensures the necessary criteria are met, should the concern be moved on to a S42 enquiry. He also attends various meetings and sits on interview panels for prospective employees. Networking is also an important factor in David’s day to day working, as it helps with problem solving effectively.

David also carries out assessments (DOLS assessments) and is undertaking PEP 1&2 (practice educator course) and supports a final year student undertaking their 100 days final placement.

Tom Richardson
Senior Practitioner, Approved Mental Health Professional

Tom graduated as a social worker in 2014 and joined the London Borough of Newham’s Fostering and Adoption team, where Tom completed his assessed and supported year in employment. After two years, Tom completed an internal transfer to the Mental Health team, where Tom has worked with both the Access and Assessment team and Review and Move-on team.

During this time Tom has been supported to complete training to become an Approved Mental Health Professional AMHP (as part of the Mental Health Act 1983 /2007) and a Best Interests Assessor, undertaking specialist assessments as per the Mental Capacity Act 2005. Tom has also accessed training which allows him to provide the opportunity for student social workers to develop their practice within Adult Social Care (Practice Education - Stages 1 and 2).

Tom now works with customers who have severe and enduring mental health needs and supports them to find independent accommodation in the community.

Sarah Ward
Senior Practitioner, Adults Supporting Care Team

Sarah qualified as a social worker in 1992. Sarah’s first role in Newham Adult’s Social care was as a specialist learning disabilities social worker

Sarah has worked as a social worker and senior practitioner in the Learning disabilities team, and then in the generic complex needs team supporting care.

Sarah will have worked for Newham Social Services for 25 years in January 2020.

Sarah has been working as a senior practitioner in the safeguarding cluster screening safeguarding concerns and liaising with other professionals and agencies.

Sarah is now currently part of the long term cluster in supporting care with a complex case load.

Sarah is also an experienced Best Interests Assessor for DoLS (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards). Sarah Qualified as a Best Interest Assessor in 2009.

Maria Okoro
Senior Social Care Access Officer

Maria began working in Newham in 1997, she came as a locum and did not intend to stay. Fast-forward to present day and she is still at Newham. She has always worked in social services, the pace is fast and challenging.

Maria enjoys working for social services as every day brings a different challenge. She works in the Access Team as a Senior Access Officer, Access is the single point of contact for adult social care; providing support for people with physical and sensory disabilities, older people, their friends or family.

Social Workers

Shamsun Nahar Alam
Social Worker, Approved Mental Health Professional

Shamsun joined the London Borough of Newham’s Day Opportunities Services in 2001 as a support worker where Shamsun worked with people with severe and enduring mental health issues. Shamsun went back to university through the day release scheme to qualify as a social worker and joined the Recovery and Rehabilitation team as a social worker in 2006.

Shamsun has been working with the Review and Move on team (Mental Health Services) since 2014. Since then Shamsun has been supporting people to identify their strengths, skills and confidence to grow and aspire to live more independently in the community.

Shamsun has completed the training to become an AMHP.

Abidemi Tubi
Social Worker, Adult Review Team

Abidemi originally joined the borough as a locum social worker in the Adult Review team in 2016. Abidemi qualified as a social worker in December 2009. Abidemi’s first experience of social work was working in the Complex Care team, on long term case management team for all areas of adult support needs.

Abidemi qualified as a Best Interest Assessor in 2017 when Abidemi joined the Adults Review team. At this time the borough placed high emphasis on reviewing customer’s package of care and this gave Abidemi the opportunity of reviewing customers from all areas of Adult Social Care. Abidemi has supervised a student social worker.

Abidemi is currently training to be a qualified Practice Educator and embraces all that Newham has to offer with regard to the various opportunities for career progression.

Lorna Zacharek
Social Worker, Adults Mental Health Recovery team

Lorna qualified as a social worker in 2018 and has recently completed her ASYE (Assessed and Supported Year in Employment) within Newham. Lorna has found the ASYE to be an opportunity to build upon the learnings within her university degree, which helped Lorna to develop her experience and confidence as a practitioner.

As part of the Mental Health Recovery Team Lorna works with people with severe and enduring mental health needs on a longer term basis, working closely alongside her colleagues in the NHS Community Mental Health teams. As part of the Recovery team Lorna works in accordance with the Care Act 2014, supporting individuals to manage their daily needs, by implementing care packages and reviewing care plans, and encouraging them to identify and work towards their goals for the future.

Lorna looks forward to on-going opportunities to support development into an experienced practitioner.

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